Thursday, March 30, 2006

There's Always a Hater

Okay, last night I am at rehearsals for Gridiron Association's Waltzing in Memphis, and this veteran tells me that I have no rhythm. On the real, she almost got cursed out! I don't do this old-school dancing on a regular basis. Plus, we started choreography on Sunday. It took everything in me not to go off on that woman. Everybody else has been cool, though. I try to be a nice guy, I try not to hurt anyone's feelings, I try to keep the arrogance at bay, you know, "chain the beast" and all that. But on the real, I am Markus Seaberry! She does not know who she's dealing with. That's cool, though. I will get the dance moves, I will knock 'em dead, this is what I do! Stage or set or crowd of any sort, I kick my shoes off, loosen up the belt, and make myself at home. It's what I do. Tonight is dress rehearsal. I will pull this off. Be easy, readers.

Plug Time!!!

Divine Manipulation of the Threads is still showing at Malco's Studio on the Square until April 6.
The trailer is at The movie is 93 minutes, and the showtimes are at 1:20, 4:30, 7:35, 9:40. I play Clefty, a thug.

Just the Two of Us will have a third screening at Malco's Studio on the Square on April 3 at 7:00 PM. It is a touching film about the relationship between a father and daughter. I play Michael, a mentally challenged patient. Admission is $8.00.

What Goes Around, my first independent film, is coming out! This movie focuses on a guy named Talal who breaks up with his girlfriend Marie, only to get involved with a crazy girl (Angela) and her jealous ex-boyfriend, Big T. It's a delightful, funny film about love and breakups and the drama that follow. I play the Film Geek. It is showing at Malco's Studio on the Square on April 6 at 9PM. Admission is $5.00.

I am grateful for any support I can get. Thank you.

Countdown for Just the Two of Us's next screening: 4 Days and Counting!
Countdown for What Goes Around's next screening: 7 Days and Counting!

When Markus Seaberry is in your Production, It's Not Just a Movie, It's a Movement!!


At 9:49 AM, Blogger Admin said...

r u a director?? just curious :)

At 9:53 AM, Blogger M.Sea said...

No, but I am an actor. I also do sound and lighting. I acted and did sound and ligting on Just the Two of Us and What Goes Around. I acted in Divine Manipulation of the Threads


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