Monday, April 10, 2006

"I'm the Dull One with no Booze or Smokes:" The Infamous Weekend Wrap-Up

I had to work on Saturday (booo!), then I went home, had an audition for "A Cop, A Snitch, and a Stripper Named Shane". Well, let's just say that I'm glad the director/star Vincent Moore has seen my other work, like What Goes Around and Just the Two of Us. I do not feel good about that audition. Hopefully, I can still snag a small role. Later, I got a haircut, then I went to the library and surfed the net until Rod Pitts (director: Imagine, What Goes Around) got off work. We went to Yum's and had planned to film something for Spin Cycle, his latest feature. The shoot fell through, so I went to director Anthony Howald's (Divine Manipulation of the Threads) house for a wrap party for Divine. Many of the cast and crew were there, including producer Brad Alsobrook, actor/writer Bevan B. Bell (Delusions, Cowboy's Silver Lining), Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Forty Shades of Blue), Joseph B. Smith (Delusions, Arrogant Dead People), Arnold Edwards II (director:PA Pretender, Curbside Confessions), Dayna Hinkle, Jon Sparks (Delusions, Just the Two of Us), Christine Connolly, Arnita Howald, Freddy Mitchell(Almost Made), Shaun Green, and Kelly Green. It was cool. We watched parts of Titanic and Seed of Chucky. We tripped out, talked movies, and talked about our favorite parts of the film. Bevan told me that I should be drinking. I didn't feel like giving him the whole "I grew up in a devout Christian household and I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I don't want to risk it". If any body reads this, pass along that info. Around 1 AM or so, the party began to disband.

I called good ol' Rod Pitts and he told me that we will resume filming next week. Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) called me and we hung out. We went to Border's, then we went to the hip-hop clothing stores on American Way. We struck gold at Marty's. I found two cool t-shirts for $3.oo, and a cool track jacket for $5.00. You know I gots to stay fresh! Bryan won the discount rack batte with a very cool South Pole (tm) shirt. We then rolled out to Bartlett, went to Rack Room Shoes, dined at Dixie Cafe, and watched Freedomland. It was a good movie, I was just sleepy. Samuel Jackson and Julianne Moore kicked butt, as did Aunjanue Ellis (Ray, Men of Honor) and Anthony Mackie (Manchurian Candidate, Eight Mile). Honestly, I was just glad to see a film that did not have me in it. I'm a little tired of watching me for a minute. It can be nerve-wracking sometimes.

Tonight, after work, I have to study for my role in Eat. I am playing Andy, the Software developer (yes, another geek role), and I want to make the most of my one scene. When you've got one scene, you don't have a lot of time to make a good impression. Hopefully, my performance will be memorable. Be easy, readers.


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