Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just Some Thoughts...

1. Has anyone seen the car commercial that goes "What if we took a trip and only made left turns?" Oh, I have the answer: They'd be gigantic dorks! I'm sorry, but that commercial annoys me almost as much as bad acting (For examples, see the film careers of most rappers). Had to get that off my chest. I feel much better now!

2. What am I gonna watch on TV this summer? Most shows I like will be replaced with crap reality shows or reruns. Guess I'll actually have to read more, or, God forbid, communicate with the outside world more. Maybe I'll start writing again..maybe. No promises.

3. Whenever I tell people that I am an actor, why does this almost always lead to a porno joke? It was funny the first ten times, now it's getting annoying. My new comeback is "Yeah, I was in Debby does Arkansas. It had an all-banjo soundtrack." Gets them every time!

4. Yeah, I know this blog isn't what I usually do, but, hey, every day can't be a magical journey into the world of film...especially when you're sworn to secrecy (Arnold Edwards, please stand up). These questions have been on my mind for a minute.

5. You know I gotta say it...Be easy, readers.


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