Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Musicians, Acting, Church, and Meetings: Weekend Wrap-Up Plus One


I watched a performance by Empty Shell. The GREAT Travis Stone (Ray, Delusions) is a member of the band. I was joined by Jon Sparks (Just the Two of Us, Across The River) and his lovely wife. Joe Smith (Arrogant Dead People, Divine Manipulation of the Threads), Lina Fritsche (upcoming: Curbside Confessions), and Forrest Pruett (Behind the Eight, Forty Shades of Blue) Keenon Nikita (Poor and Hungry, Just the Two of Us) popped in to wish Stone luck. The guys rocked it. It was loud, rowdy, and energetic, the way rock should be. Later, Forrest, Christin Ackerman (Divine Manipulations, Delusions) and I went to Flashback's. The band was cool, but I was tired. I cut out, went to Perkins, and then headed home.


I FINALLY got a haircut. I had been growing my hair for a scene in Spin Cycle(www.pittstopproductions.com), but we had scheduling conflicts. I had to cut my hair for Curbside Confessions (www.cowboy-upproductions.com). Later, I went to an open call for the next Many Hands Production, American Parable, as well as an untitled horror feature. I read a small paragraph different ways. I felt good about the audition. Next, I met up with Rod and we rolled out to the callbacks for Tricks, DeAara Lewis' next production. DeAara's website is www.theforgottenonesmovie.com. I was glad to see my fellow PSP (Pittstop Productions) Allstars in attendance. Kim Skipper, April Hale, and Lavita Brooks all had the same role at callback: A woman who discovers a disturbing secret about her ex-lover. Each of them brought different nuances to the character. I was proud of them, and also shocked to hear April, Kim, and Vita use such language!!! It's acting, I know, but it was shocking. Speaking of shocking, blogmaster supreme Jon Sparks (www.jonwsparks.blogspot.com) was also there. He read for this corrupt police chief. I actually stood up on his read. I almost cheered. Sparky kicked butt!!!! I was proud of my actors that day. Having talented people around me makes me push harder. That's about it for Saturday.


My brother and I surprised my mom and attended our home church in Oakland, Tennessee, Brooks Chapel Church of God in Chirist, pastored by my uncle Elder Eugene Anderson. I enjoyed myself. They presented roses to the mothers in the church. Very nice. I bought my mom a plant and a card. I also had some western DVDs and a card for my father because I had missed his birthday while I was "on the shelf" (sick). After church, we ate at my parents house and watched some NBA basketball. After I made it back home, I went over my boy Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. Shout out to future superproducer Paul West (no relation to Kanye), his girlfriend Denna Greer (What Goes Around), blogger and jack of all trades Paul Briggs (www.acydic.bebo.com), "angry" Nick Jones for the free CDs, and the rest of my people.


I attended a meeting about the production A Cop, A Snitch, and a Stripper Named Shane. Learyn (Across the River, What Goes Around) was there, as was Trent Dee (21 Grams, Divine Manipulation of the Threads), Juan Corrigan (Delusions, Mail Call), Keenon Nikita (Just the Two of Us), and the star/writer/director, Vincent Moore. It was a very good meet and greet. I met the female lead, Cherina. She will be Shane. She is a hungry young actor. I also caught up with Fred Mans, my fellow soundman on Just the Two of Us. John Still (Hustle and Flow, Shutter) is also in the production. I feel good about the cast, and my character. Officer Blue is a corrupt cop and a jerk! I finally get to be nasty on camera! I know my comedic talents are strong, but every so often, a brotha's gotta spread his wings.

Today, I have no plans, but something always comes up. I hope to buy the new edition of one of my favorite movies ever (Napoleon Dynamite) on my lucnch break. Be easy, readers.


At 4:29 AM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

Whaddya mean you almost cheered? But really, thank you very much -- you are too kind. Let it also be said that you were impressive as well.


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