Thursday, May 11, 2006

What We Filmin'?

I named this post after one of the questions that I frequently ask Rod Pitts, my good buddy and film mentor. Last night, we shot two scenes for Spin Cycle. We got off to a rocky start. We had borrowed glasses and candles from Keenon Nikita (Poor and Hungry, Just the Two of Us). I broke one of the glasses. Don't give me any of that seven years bad luck crap, I got God on my side. So, I called Keenon and drove back to his home to get another glass. By the time I got back, Derrick Engleberg (Hell's Kitchen) and Nataki Caver (Just the Two of Us) were in place, as was another young actress, Martina Igbaraese. She was an extra in What Goes Around and Just the Two of Us, and I was glad to see her get a speaking role. Martina is always pleasant and always easy to work with. If you are willing, Rod tries his best to use you. I wound up being an extra. I sat at a table with my back to the camera. Rod made me take my hat off. A brother's missd the last few trips to the barber because of illness. Oh, well, it's a credit. After that scene wrapped, we lugged our equipment over to the water fall on the U of M campus. The waterfall made a cameo appearance in What Goes Around, but didn't make the cut for Just the Two of Us. It should be a cool scene. That's two more scenes taken care of. The film business can be a pain sometimes, but when it comes together, it's a thing of beauty. Rod has a great vision. And he definitely knows how to use lighting and lens to make the scenes look real purty. We are slowly inching towards the finish line. We will finish. We just have to keep our eyes on the ball. Be easy, readers.


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