Friday, May 19, 2006

Return to Red West

I returned to Red West's class last night (first time this year). It was almost like I never left. We were doing scenes from the Fantasia (of American Idol) movie. The film has a lot of African-Americans in it, but their dialect is rural (country). It was fun watching my Caucasian peers (Jon Sparks, Joseph Smith, Lina Fritsche) portray country African-Americans. Of course, I had my turn at it. I also tried my hand at improv. Lina was the interviewer and I was applying for a position at a male strip bar. When she asked me to dance, I did a goofy dance and got laughs. I was glad to see some new faces.

Afterwards, Joe, Lina, Forrest, and myself went to Flashback's. Of course, Joe and I did "Nuttin' But a G Thang". Joe performed some Elvis (no surprise), Lina performed some Sarah McLachlan and a few more songs. I also performed "Walking in Memphis". I was okay, I messed up some of the lyrics. Had to chance it. It's a darn good song. I cut out a little early because I was tired.

Today, Rod Pitts and I plan to work on Spin Cycle. I shall be the ever-faithful boom person aka sound man aka the guy who keeps showing up. Gotta keep moving. Sleep is the cousin of death. Be easy, readers.


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