Monday, September 11, 2006

"I Was Supposed to Be Recovering, Wasn't I?": The Non-Acting Weekend Wrap-Up


Went to Spin Street trying to find the new CD from this spoken word artist, Black Ice. They didn't have it, but I ordered it from them. Ran into the homey Paul "P-Dub" West, up-and-coming superproducer. We chatted for a minute about hip-hop (of course), then I called it a night


I worked the dreaded day job until 1 PM, got off, went to the comic book store, chatted with my fellow geeks (it's a brotherhood, I tell ya!), went to different department stores looking at their cool action figures. I was this close to buying a Dusty Rhodes action figure or Spider-Man (coolest hero ever) action figure. Then, I saw The Devil Wears Prada. Yeah, yeah, it's a chick flick. A chick flick with two very solid actresses: Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Stanley Tucci was pretty good in the film, too. Well worth the $2.50 I spent at the Bartlett 10.
Next, I went to Jordan's. I only performed one karaoke song, because it was packed. I performed the karaoke classis "Margaritaville". Yes, it's predictable, but I couldn't resist it. Some Caucasian gentlemen was giving me a hard time when he heard my song choice, he was like: "Sing a Black song, man!" My response was: "That's what everybody expects!" He the came back with, "Okay, but are you gonna put some soul in it?" People, music is music to me. If I like it and know it, I'll sing it, regardless of the artist's race, creed, gender, whatever. It's 2006! Let's elevate, people!!! After that, I called it a night.


Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Mail Call) and I went to the Hattiloo Theatre on Marshall. They are a new African-American repertory theatre in Memphis. Their first show, "Home", begins Sept. 22. Bryan donated some lights, and I agreed to put up posters and the little small flyers. Okay, I will break down my results like this:

Stores that get the thumbs up (agreed with no problem):
Blockbuster Video in Poplar Plaza
Davis Kidd Bookstore in Laurelwood Shopping Center
Black Lodge Video
Young Avenue Deli
Uof M Theatre building
Bartlett Public Library

Stores that were kinda awright (they had to consult their "marketing"):
Blockbuster Video on Poplar (a little bit before Mendenhall)
Main Libaray on Poplar

Stores that shut me down (Denial's not just a river in Egypt):
Hollywood Video on Perkins Extended
Shnucks on Poplar

Those last three stores get the gas face (look up Third Bass on Wikipedia).

After that fun, I made it to Jordan's. My plan was to just get a salad and go home, but the karaoke jockey Tony aka "Superman" convinced me, and in typical Markus fashion, I took it to the extreme. I performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" (yes, I did my Humpty Hump impersonation). I then took my slightly ill behind home.

PS My Indie Memphis Film Festival count is now at 2 Imagine won the first Lil' Film Fest which gave it automatic entry, and now I hear that Oddly Buoyant Productions' film "Eat" has been selected. That's one more film than last year. It's a good feeling. Maybe I'll get some more movies in there, who knows? Be easy, readers.


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