Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Indie Film Directors in Memphis

Most of you know me, Markus Seaberry, King Indie, the hardest-working film actor in Memphis , the heart and soul of independent cinema in the Mid-South area. I talk to you at Lil' Film Fest, give you my card, and say that I want to work with you. Some of you respond, some of you don't, but that's cool. I am writing to you know because another Lil' Film Fest is upon us, and the topic is "Freedom of Speech". So far, no filmmakers have approached me. Don't think that I'm too busy. I'm only working on one movie right now. I have free time. I do have boundaries, however. I have no problem cursing like a sailor (sadly). I do have reservations, physical and moral, about being nude. I'd rather not wear a dress (I had a bad experience), and I'd prefer not to play a devil worshipper or a voodoo priest (my pastor would kill me). Also, I am really NOT trying to be in a skit where someone says that Imus is cool and calls someone a "nappy-headed hoe". Anybody thinking about trying some crap like that, please don't. Just don't. Trust me on this. If there is anyone who can accept my spiritual and moral reservations, and has a cool idea for the next Lil' Film Fest, please contact me. No one has asked me to "play" with them, and the deadline is nearing. I fear that I shall be shut out. Therefore, I am not above making like a telethon and beg...persuading somene to let me "play movie". I am a hard worker, I have a proven track record (ask John Beiffus), and I am definitely willing to play different characters (ask Rod Pitts and Jon Sparks). In closing, you need Markus "King Indie" Seaberry in your short for the next Lil' Film Fest. Your short will be better beause of it. Remember, if you want to take your short to the next level, you need to be "down with the King". King Indie, that is. I am Markus Seaberry, and I approve this message.


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