Monday, August 06, 2007

Movies, Parties, and Work: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went to the comic book store, then I saw Hot Rod. The ads seemed funny, but the film was hit-and-miss. Some jokes made me laugh out loud, some jokes just fell flat. Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) was cute, though.


I got off work, took "Uncle" Marvin Skinner home, went back to my house and took a nap, and then I went to my friend Tamara Wicks' apartment-warming party. Shout out to Rudechild, his fiancee, Yolandalyn, and Tamara's 1-year old daughter, Alexis. The new place is cool. We chilled out and watched Family Guy on DVD.

After that, I went to my friend Arnold Edwards' birthday party. Shout out to Arnold, his girlfriend Dayna Hinkel, Glen Ring (Dollars and Signs, Rommel's Crossroad), Derrick, Hardy, his daughter Skykar, and the rest of Arnold's friends. We hung out, ate a little bit, and had fun.


I saw The Bourne Ultimatum. That was a darn good movie. Matt Damon was solid in the film, and they finally gave Julia Stiles' character in these films a personality and a purpose. David Straitharn (My Blueberry Nights) was good as the main villain. Cool special effects and awesome fight scenes. The theater was packed on Sunday at 4:35, so I knew that it would be No. 1 for this weekend.

While I was out and about, my mom called me and informed me that one of my younger cousins made a bad decision that will probably cause him to be incarcerated for a while. I was saddened, frustrated, and I just got something to eat at Perkins and went home. I feel bad for my cousin and for his mom, my aunt. I am praying for them and I am asking for your prayers during this troubling time.

This week, I am scheduled to film my scenes in I Was a Teenage Storkasaurus. I play a bumbling gym teacher. I am just glad to be filming, and after the serious tone of the last feature that I did (Rommel's Crossroad), I think that it's time for me to tackle some lighter material. Oh, I hope that this scene will be hilarious!!!!! Be easy, readers.


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