Monday, January 14, 2008

Plays, Movies, and Sad Cowboys: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, rented Blade Runner with my free coupon at Blockbuster, and went home and watched TV.


I lounged around until about 3 PM, then I picked up "Uncle" Marvin Skinner from my job. He needed a ride, and my job's 10 minutes from my home. He showed me where St. Mary's was. I had to go to a play there later.

I went to the comic book store and hollered at my good buddy Sean George for a little while. Afterwards, I went to see this play at St. Mary's. It was a spiritual play, but it was good. I saw one of my cousins there. I knew two females in the play, Alunya (forgive my spelling) and Alicia. They did good jobs. There was a scene where Alicia had to sing. She also was beaten up by her ex-boyfriend. The fight scene was pretty intense. I also got a little upset at this scene where Alicia's daughter lied and told her mother that the boyfriend had sexually molested her. Very good play. Kudos to the actor and the playwright.

After that, I picked up Bryan Newcomb and we saw The Bucket List. We tried to make the 9:45 showing of First Sunday, but it sold out. We didn't want to wait until 11:40, so we saw Bucket List. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman played two terminally ill cancer patients who decide to travel the world and have all these experiences before they die. It was funny, heartwarming, and cool. I ran into Kim Moore, a local actress I know. She was in the theater as well. We chatted for a minute. It was good to see her. After that, I dropped Bryan off and went home.


I chilled out and watched Blade Runner. I watched the "Final Cut" version. It was a good film. I liked the style of the film. It was a little hard to follow. I wish I had watched one of the commentaries or finished watching the long documentary on Disc 2. Either way, that's one more classic off my list. Of course, the guys at Comics and Collectibles are still gonna give me crap for not seeing Shawshank Redemption or Citizen Kane. I'm working on it, guys. I grew up in the country, and it's been a little hard playing catch-up. I also watched the Dallas-New York football game. Unfortunately, Dallas lost. There are a LOT of Cowboy fans in Memphis. There were two very sad Cowboys fans at my brother's house, too. Sorry, Terrence and Toma. Maybe next year.

I hope to film something soon. I have been sitting around, watching TV, and getting fat. I will get back on my fitness regimen and hopefully find a project soon. I also need to keep writing. Lately, rap lyrics, poetry, and song lyrics pop into my head. I have to keep ignoring my voice and capture it on the page. Be easy, readers!!!


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Chris said...

So, you finally watched Blade Runner! Was Deckard a replicant?


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