Saturday, December 29, 2007

On my Huey Lewis (Couple Days Off): The Christmas Holiday Blog


On Christmas Day, I trailed my brother over my great-aunt Velma's house, where the Christmas festivities took place. My cousin Alison showed off her new daughter, Aniyah. She is tiny and beautiful. I chilled out with my cousins Keke, Archie Jr, Lanelle, and my parents. I gave my mom her gift, Cornbread, Earl and Me on DVD. I gave my stepfather Crossett McGhee his gift, a pack of western DVDs. They gave me fresh new undergarments, several graphic novels, and Transformers on DVD. I had a good time.

Later, I went over Bryan Newcomb's house for a minute. Afterwards, Rod Pitts and I went over our friend Deneka's house. I chilled with her sisters, DeAara Lewis (filmmaker, Tricks), and Raven. We hung out, chilled, and ate some god food. Deneka's son TJ played me some tracks from his upcoming debut album. He has some "Souljah Boy" type stuff, but he also has some songs that deal with issues. I think he is on a lyrical level that most teenage rappers have yet to attain. I have some hope for the next generation of hip-hoppers. We eventually went to the Paradiso to see Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. We were too late for the 10 PM show, so we decided to see the 11:40 showing. My stomach started hurting, so I had to leave. That was the end of Christmas.


I decided to go to Gateway Tire to get a minor issue on my car dealt with. They said the wait would be long. I walked over to the Cordova Cinema and watched Juno. This was a very touching, heartwarming film. Ellen Page (Hard Candy), Michael Cera (Superbad), and Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman (The Kingdom) all gave ecellent performances in this heartwarming yet sarcastic look at teenage pregnancy. I went back to Gateway. They diagnosed the problem, but they had to order the part. I would have to wait unitl the part came.

Afterwards, Bryan Newcomb and I went to an advance screening of Mad Money at the Malco Majestic. Shout out to fellow actors Arnita Williams (In an Instant) and Jacqui G, who were also in attendance. Mad Money starred Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Latifah as Federal Reserve employees who start stealing the money that is supposed to be destroyed. It reminded me of a cheesy 80s film. It was okay.


I sat at home, waiting for Gateway to call me. I watched my DVD of Wrestling Society X. I got a call at 4:50 PM indicating that they had received the part. I would have to go in on Friday to get the new part put on my car.


I arrived at Gateway around 8 PM. I waited for them to get to my car. I read my copy of Sidney Poitier's autobiography, Measure of a Man. It's a great book. They informed me that they were sent the wrong part. Dejected, I left with plans to come back on Monday. I went to the library and surfed the internet. I met up with my brother Travis Barbee aka Hawk. We went to Wal-Mart and then to Wolfchase. I enjoyed speaking with him about positive thinking. He was trying to give me pointers about dating and all of that.

Later, I entered a very dark period of my life. I don't even really want to admit this.....I was bored at home, and I....I turned on the Disney Channel and I watched parts of High School Musical and High School Musical 2. It was the sing-along versions, and.....well.....I kinda liked it!!!! I am so ashamed!!! I'm afraid I'll become a non-threatening big-haired African-American like Corbin Bleu, one of the stars of high school musical. I think I lost my soul last night. I know, that was like the most un-hip-hop thing I've done in, like, a day. I think I'm going to have to watch several Blaxploitation films and listen to Public Enemy all day to regain my "Blackness".
Ah, I feel better. Confession is good for the soul. Seriously, though, I want to be on a Disney show. They overract,er, um, I mean, they're very expressive and it looks like fun. Plus, Disney recycles actors. I could be on a cartoon and a live-action show and a special Disney movie all at the same time. Plus, I want an action figure!! I could be a bumbling gym teacher or something on a Disney show. Maybe, I could be an uncool parent.

I've been going hard at acting for the last three years. It's been more about the love than commerce. I am now deeming '08 the year of the Big Payback!!! I plan to sign with some local agency, try to get some commercial work, and get out there and make some money. I love the game, but love doesn't pay the bills. I feel like the game owes me!! The sellout campaign is in effect!! Be easy, readers!!


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