Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sleep, Football, and Debates: The New Year's Eve Extended Weekend Wrap-Up


I stayed in the house most of the day. I DID watch the Titans beat the Colts and make the NFL Playoffs. Shout out to Colts coach Tony Dungy for not playing his starters the whole time. Shout out to the Colts backup quarterback for being crummy. They gave us the game on a silver platter because they had nothing to game. However, my Titans still almost messed up several times. Oh, well, it wasn't pretty, but we are in the playoffs, baby!!!


I finally got my car fixed, and my brother and I went to the Catfish Cabin on Airways to celebrate my mom's birthday. Shoutotut to my cousin Kaci, her husband Cedric, their kids, my Aunt Mary, my stepdad Crossett, and my great-aunt Velma. Catfish Cabin, however, is put on blog blast. First, when we enter the building, we see signs that says that the debit/credit card machine is broke, so they are only taking cash. Fortunately, my brother had my back. Next, they are only serving water, sweet tea, and unsweetened tea because they got rid of the machine that housed the carnonated drinks (it kept breaking). I have had issues with this place in the past. If I can help it, they will not get my money anymore.

After that, I went to Keenon Nikita's apartment for a New Year's Eve party. Everything went smooth, until I voiced my opinion about LL Cool J (he sucks now), and I said that 300 is a good film, but I don't consider it a classic. From there, I had to defend that remark, plus I got in even more trouble when I said that I didn't think Spike Lee's School Daze was a classic. It's an okay movie, but it's not even the best Spike Lee film!! The night became a series of debates. I began to state my view on R. Kelly, and how I feel it's wrong to support a molester. I also said that I feel it is irresponsible for an African-American to make a song like "The Zoo". It has freakin' animal sounds in it!! Isn't that just inviting stereotypes?! Everyone says that I am reading too much into it. Keenon's sister later finds out that I was dancing to the "Shootout" song by Souljah Boy. She calle me a hypocrite because that song is irresponsible, too. I should have admitted she was right, but darn it, she takes too much pleasure in being right!!! I didn't like her tone, so I lost it!!! Of course, everyone tells me to calm down. I don't. Later on in the night, I apologize to her, and admit that she was right. Afterwards, we sing songs on Keenon's mic and danced. My boys TJ and Danny started having dance battles. It was awesome!! I tried to have a "crump" battle with Deneka, but she got the best of me. I started feeling achey, so I left.


I stayed in bed most of the day, hoping that rest would combat the flu-like symptoms that I had been experiencing. It seemed to work. My Aunt Mary says that whatever you start the year off doing, you'll be doing that all year. I disagree. I was sick, and I took advantage of an off day to recuperate. I will NOT be resting this year. If anything, I will make moves this year. I plan to sign with an agent, to write more, and to really try to get my name out there. The best is yet to come. Be easy, readers!!!!! And Happy New Year!!!!


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