Monday, May 12, 2008

Family, Movies, and Wrestling: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went to some buffet on Stage Road(it wasn't very good) and met up with my mom, my cousin Nakia, my cousin Makeva, her daughter Kelby, my great-aunt Velma, my aunt Mary, and my cousin Kamaria. We chit-chatted, reminisced, and talked about upcoming family events. That was pretty much it for Friday.


I got up early in the morning and got a haircut. My barber was a little disappointed because I did not have my usual amount of sports knowledge. I didn't know that he would take the knowledge that I gave him and share with is patrons. I made excuses (sickness, busy at work, dog ate it), but he was not sympathetic. Wow, you shoot your mouth off on a few topics, all of a sudden you're "the expert". I will endeavor to be more knowledgeable by May 24, when I plan to get my hair cut again. After that, I went back to sleep, then I went to the church that my good buddy Jesse Lipford attends. It was Jesse's birthday. I just came by real quick and dropped off a gift. I bought him a "Before they were Stars" DVD about a popular African-American wrestler, Booker T. After that, I went to the comic book store. I got a free pass to see Son of Rambow on March 20. It seems to be a movie about some kids filming a sequel to Rambo. It appears to be set in the 80s, and the trailer piqued my interest. I'll check it out.
After that, I went to Hastings on Germantown Parkway and looked at the cool DVDs and CDs. After that, I saw the new David Mamet film Redbelt. Chiewetel Ejiofor, a Black British actor, was the main character. He was a martial arts instructor who was manipulated into competing in mixed-martial arts tournament to get out of debt. Mamet also wrote the film. I was told that his dialogue can be weird, and I agree. I did enjoy the film. Ejiofor did a good job, and Tim Allen had a serious role. It was different, but it was cool. After tht, I called it a night.


My brother and I went to Brooks Chapel, my home church, to be with our mom on Mother's Day. Elder Eugene Anderson (my uncle) gave a humorous yet uplifting sermon, and one of the church mothers kindly chastised me about getting back in church and getting right with God. I could only nod my head and thank her because I had been feeling the same way about everything she told me. I need to get back into church. It makes me feel better. After church, we went over my parents' house. I gave my mom her Mother's Day gift and my stepfather his birthday gift (his b-day was last week). My mom received the movie Clan of the Cave Bear on DVD. I remembered her reading the book series when I was younger. I gave my stepdad a DVD collection of the Lonesome Dove miniseries. As always, I am economic yet thoughtful. My aunt Mary, her daughter Kaci, her husband Cedric, and their children (Katerius, Jamarius, Kamaria, and Kameran)came over. The kids were cool (except Kamaria), but they ask some difficult questions. A few times I had to say "ask your parents that". I also loved the fact that I could win any argument with "You can't whoop me" or "I'm grown!!" Adulthood does have some perks to counteract the health issues and debt. Yay.
After I left my parents' house, I went over my boy Shomari's house and watched the TNA (Total Nostop Action)Wrestling pay-per-view. We tripped out and reminisced over old-school sports games and other topics. It was cool.

I don't really have any "official" acting gigs coming up, but I hear some things are in the works. Time will tell. Be easy, readers!!!


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