Monday, November 10, 2008

B-day parties, comics, and Hastings: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work around 2:30, ran some errands, and went to my buddy Glen Ring's b-day party. It was at the home that he shares with is lovely girlfriend Daffney. Shout out to Arnold Edwards, Dayna Hinkel, Dedrick Bullard, Hardy, his daughter Skylar (who's revovering from a car accident), and Glen's friends. I talked blogs, movies, and comics. I was good.


I FINALLY left my job on Saturday. Why do people bullcrap after you've been telling them the closing time for an hour? That pisses me off!! Anyway, I met up with Justin Vactor, Willie Gillis, and Ben Songer and we recorded the Entertainment Overload Podcast ( and the Geekland Podcast ( Afterwards, Ben, Willie and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. After that, I went home. I watched a replay of the BET Hip-Hop Awards (surprisingly good) and the last episode of BET's Rap City. I was saddened to see this show go off, but it was cool that they brought back all the old hosts. I feel old. I still like hip-hop, but I am not pleased with most of the acts played on the radio, especially in my town.


I watched the Titans beat the Bears. We are 9-0, you haters!!! Later, I went to Cici's Pizza(Buffets are of the Devil). After that, I went to Hastings, a very awesome store. I bought Masked Rider the First, which was an updated retelling of the Masked Rider Saga. The Masked Rider is a Japanese superhero in the vein of Power Rangers. Yes, I am a geek. Get over it.


I am actually caught up on the DVR. Let's see how long this lasts. I am also off tomorrow because of Veteran's Day. Yay war!! Okay, that didn't sound right. Be easy, readers!!!


At 8:27 PM, Blogger shabbygeek said...

I think you'd enjoy Big Bang Theory. I do. Then again, I'm kinda nerdy, too.


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