Thursday, November 06, 2008

Open Letter to the United States

I am still in shock: An African-American man is President of the United States. I didn't know if I would see this day in my lifetime. I am happy, but I realize that the battle is not over. We have a lot of issues that need addressing in this country. I just wish that people would calm down. I got sick of pro-Obama and pro-McCain blogs and postings on Myspace. I have dropped some people because of foolish statements like "Obama is the enemy". Grow the hell up!! Also, all the "Obama is the antichrist" talk. Again, grow the hell up!! I am sick of the foolishness. My brother told me a story of what happened at his job election night. African-American people were celebrating, and one Caucasian "girl" (stupidity takes away her adult status) said that "It doesn't matter, he'll get assassinated anyway" and "He's not even American, he's a Muslim". Obabma's a practicing Christian, this has been well documented. I, too, am concerned for Obama's life. This is not the time to voice that, however. We cannot live in fear. I think that change was needed in this country. The economy is horrible, and we I think that our time for occupying Iraq is past. I haven't seen a WMD yet. All I see is soldiers dying or, even worse, returning back home and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. A coworker told me of a friend of his who nearly killed his baby girl due to PTSD. If we are going to put our soldiers through the ugly experience of war, if we expect them to live with the weight of deaths on their conscience, then we'd better have a good reason. Their sacrifice had better not be for oil. I'm not saying it is or isn't, I'm just saying that I'm not quite sure what we are fighting for. I have hope and faith that Obama will bring about change. Everybody that's being a sore loser, like Ralph Nader, should get over it. Nader, who are you to call Obama an "Uncle Tom"?!! You have crossed the line, sir. I see you as a bitter, cynical old man who is becoming a detriment to the cause that you hold dear. Our country does not need this. Our country needs to heal. Democrat, Republican, Green Pary, whatever, let's come together and try to cure the economic and societal ills. Let's make sure that we are in Iraq for the right reasons. Let's make America the great nation that we know it can be. C'mon, people, we can do it, yes we can!! And yes, he did. Now let's work together. In the words of that classic gospel singing group The Winans, "It's time, time to make a change, we are the people who can do it". God bless America, and God bless the entire world.


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