Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Random rants 3-30-05

I really don't have a unifying topic today, so here are my random rants. Rant 1: Why is it that streets in good neighborhoods have long, beautiful names like Whispering Brook Cove while the hood streets are named after states or other one word items, like Southern and Prescott? I stayed on Southern in Orange Mound (a well-known Memphis ghetto) for quite some time. That's wack! Why can't people in the hood get some streets with elegant names? Hood people like nice things too!
Rant 2: KRS-One (old-school rapper) is coming to town and my boys (local rappers Iron Mic Coalition) are opening up for him! That freaking rocks! I will be there in full effect, Booyyeeee!
Excuse me, I had an old school 80s moment. I was about to pull out a linoleum mat and bust some moves (okay, not really).
Rant/request 3: Pray for my stepfather, who is undergoing surgery soon. He seems okay about it, but I'm shook. Also, pray for my cousin who had a stroke while pregnant. The baby is fine, but she is still having difficulties.
Rant 4: What Goes Around (the movie my buddy and I have been working on) is almost done. And, we are one audition away from cementing the cast for his next movie, Spin Cycle. I'm gonna be a contenda! Yaaayyyy!

P.S. Those who follow my blog know I have to diss Augustus Q. Fro at, so here goes. Fro makes quiches (which we all know real men don't eat) in his little cousin's Easy Bake Oven. Be easy.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger henchman#2 said...

SeaBerry u don want no problems! Keep it up you vile hethen One more time and the pics of you, Miss Piggy, Baby Bop, and a hand puppet go out

The Beep rocks

At 12:55 PM, Blogger M.Sea said...

Look, punk, those were all hand puppets. I stayed over my cousin's house and had t sleep in the little kid's room. You are a soy-latte sipping loser and I hope your DVD collections of This Old House mysteriously malfunction.

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Southern and Prescott sounds elegant to me. F--- whats in a name.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger M.Sea said...

Calm down, anonymous. It's just my opinion. Geez! I think two to three name streets sound a little more fancier.


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