Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Acting Hustle

Time for another adventure from the Memphis independent film world. I decided to assist my friend Rod on Keenon Nikita's film. Keenon is the author of Single Black Father, a book that details his fight to gain custody of his daughter following a divorce. Keenon is making the book into a film. We attempted to shoot at the Adams Courthouse on Friday. We were even in the special room used for divorce hearings. We could not get the blinds down completely and the sun was ruining our shot. We could not light the scene well enough to compensate for it. Also, one cast member brought a different set of clothes than the one she had worn last time, and it was supposed to be the same day. Speaking of days, we had to call it a day. I did meet Keenon and Rod is sure that I can get a role in the film. I also met a guy named Vincent who is working on a screenplay and Rod thinks he can get me a role in that. Aahh, networking, ain't it grand? I also went on an auditon for another movie. I didn't get the part, but I was offered a role as an extra(background person who usually doesn't say anything but does an action). I accepted it, but I just called to decline it today. It conflicts with the Cowboy Up Productions film that I am doing. Cowboy Up Productions, what a great name! Iwill keep hustling. I now have a finished script and a shooting schedule for the Cowboy Up Production movie. That is the name of the production company, not the movie itself. I am now paranoid about copyright infringement, so no more film names. It's cool, though. The eternal hustle continues. I feel good, though.


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