Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dustin' Myself Off

I was buggin' yesterday. I'm just frustrated with my acting game. I can't quit, though. Nothing compares to the release I feel when I'm either writing or acting on the stage. I just feel so free, so alive. I can finally release some (but not all) of my inhibitions. I feel alive. So, I guess my love-hate relationship with the arts will continue. I can't stop. I hollered at my boy, Merchas. That's his stage name. He is working on an album and is performing shows in Memphis. He encouraged me to keep "grinding". He also told me to keep hustling. He goes through the same thing on the music side. I like Merchas' stuff. He has that Memphis rap sound, but it's a little more evolved. He has club tracks, but he's also capable of introspection. I'm listenint to some of his tracks now. He has graciously donated some tracks to be considered for use in the movie that has become my bane/neverending quest, "What Goes Around". Also, my girl Demna Greer gave me a pep talk. She said that it was not all my fault. She said to just keep trying. Also, she said start writing. Shout out to Denna "D-Nice" Greer! Thank god for people to hold me down. I am getting focused. There is an audition this Sunday. I will work on the same piece from the audition that I bombed. I will bring it on!!! (With apologies to Kirsten Dunst) I must get ready. I have the touch!!!! I have the power!!!!! Sorry, had to get a Transformers: The Movie reference in there. I realize that I don't want to do my current job the rest of my life. I'm back. The "swagger" (slightly arrogant strut) is slowly returning. Be easy.

PS Support my blog brother Dr. Augustus Q. Fro at blacksupervillain.blogspot.com; also, read newnegro.blogspot.com. The brotherhood of the blog, baby!!!


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