Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Feeling In the Air

Man, I cannot wait for these four hours of work to pass. I get off at 1 today. Me and my buddy Bryan are gonna see Episode 3 (hopefully). And I'm going to the comic book store. YAAAYYY!
And I may go to a party with breakdancers later. Awesome!!! And I am studying for my audition Sunday. YEEAAAHHH! Whaaaaat?! OOOKKKAAAAYYYY!....that burst of excitement sponsored by Lil' Jon and Crunk Juice. I'm feeling good, I'm feeling groovy, it's great to be alive, man! Okay, let me come down. My exuberance is starting to make me nauseous. I think it's gonna be a good few days. Good times, indeed.

PS RIP Frank Gorshin, the Riddler on TV's Batman. Also, props to Reggie Miller. The Pistons ended his basketball career last night. Reggie, I normally rooted against you, but I respect you. The man was a great shooter, and he left it all on the basketball court. It won't be the same watching Pacers game and not seeing Reggie's ugly three-point shot. He also wrote an autobiography called I Love Being the Enemy. Get it on Amazon or something. Be easy.


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