Thursday, May 26, 2005

Acting Redemption

I had originally posted this on Tuesday, but good ol' blogspot was on some malfunctioning crap. Anyway, this is the director's cut. I have really bounced back from "The audition from Heck"(consult the archives). I went to an audition for an independent film called "Third Wheel Date". I was the first person there and had a great audition. I am being offered the part of the Security officer. Also, several of the people there were gonna be extras in this other film called "Of Saints and Sinners". I was an extra in a house party scene. It was great to be around more committed actors. I also networked, because the star of "Sinners" is gonna start filming a movie in July. I gave them my name and number. I've also been e-mailing other indie directors around town. Plus, I will be helping my friend Rod out on his friend Keenon's film "Just the Two of Us". We will be filming at the courthouse on Adams. I also hope to lobby for a role in his film. And, I have an audition for a movie called "Tales From the Black Hair Dialogue". I am auditioning for a spoken word poet named "Retro Brother". I think I can handle it! Man, it feels good to be making moves towards my dream! It's really happening now! Yes! The boy is back! It's so crazy!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! Forgive my enthusiasm, but the winter was very slow motion in terms of roles. The swagger is back. The world is not ready. Gotta get this indie film hustle on. Be easy.


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