Monday, May 02, 2005

New Artist Spotlight: Lynn Cardona

I went to Lynn Cardona'a album release party. She is an up-and-coming artist here in Memphis. She is Puerto Rican, but she has plenty of soul. She's also easy on the eyes. I had seen her perform on programs back at the U of M. I had also heard her song, "Can't See Us" on this compilation called "The Movement". The Movement is a collective of artists that put on shows on a regular basis. These are artists that usually seem to have a little more to say and don't get airplay in my poor, misguided city. She was great. I bought her CD (It was one sale for $7 that day only). She was knocking 'em dead. Her band was live, She did "Can't See Us", "Lovin' You", and "Over You", among others. Her opening act was a reggae band called Soul Enforcers. They did a reggae version of "Rebel Yell". Obvious, but still funky. Lynn also was very chatty inbetween songs. She even had a song with a rapper, but even that felt fresh. The girl is hot, she's got a nice voice, and I hope that she blows up, even though that may mean no more cool local shows at places like Memphis' Hi-Tone on Poplar Avenue. The CD is titled "Lovin' You", and for more info: : It has a small bio, and the featured song is Jazzabel, which is a cut she produced with my boy Ennis aka Fathom Nine of the Iron Mic Coaliton (Iron Mic Cds can be found at Jazzabel can only be heard on this site right now. It was recorded after the album was made.


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