Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Real Talk

I messed around and didn't post yesterday. I am really trying to write something everyday. These blogs are not coming as easily as they used to. I ran into a guy that went to my elementary school and goes to the university that I work at. It was cool to chitchat and reminisce. The brother really seemed to have his head on straight. He had his bachelor's, his masters, and he was working on his CPA. He said he wanted to eventually get his doctorate, retire at 50, and teach. I was impressed by his life plan. We talked about a variety of topics: How I was perceived as a brain (I had to start studying in high school), how we know people who aren't really doing anything, and how African-American people don't invest. It was refreshing to hear a brother with big dreams like myself. Of course, his are a little more practical. It was also refreshing to see somebody from my area with their head on straight. Academics was not looked upon as the "in" thing among my peers. It let me know that there are still some people from my hometown that had their heads on straight. It is hard to find people with vision. Most people only see what's in front of them. I just can't imagine a life with no dreams or ambition. I am not trying to hate on people that work in factories or whatever, because a lot of them make a heck of a lot more than me. I just always wanted something more than the same old, mundane routine. I try to respect other's views, even if people haven't always respected mine. Peace.

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