Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bloggin' My Life Away.

What's up, faithful blog readers. I decided to write a quick blog right before I get off work. I hope it doen't rain all day here in Memphis. Me and my posse (yes, I went back to 1989 for that one) are supposed to be going to Africa in April this evening. There will be vendors, African dancers, and I believe that Will Graves and Soul will be performing. They are a very good R&B band. I'm a little sleepy, but I will shake it off. I have also been trying to network. I ran into an associate that works at the record store Spin Street. He says that he is interning with Def Jam South. He is also trying to write a movie. I know people who write movies. He also writes for a local magazine and told us to let him have a copy of the DVD of the movie that my friend and I are working on. Hopefully, we will film on that tomorrow. I have also been e-mailing people that have advertised for talent and people that I know make movies. Trying to get myself out there. Looks like I've picked up another sound man gig for the weekends. I guess my weekends will be consumed with film work. Friday may have to be movie day. I also may miss a wrestling pay-per-view that my friends are doing to work on this movie. Oh well, I will learn to make sacrifices for my craft. When your passion is not your primary job, you do it when you can. Lord willing, it will pay off. I pray that theres's some cheese at the end of this maze. Peace.


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