Saturday, April 09, 2005

Writer's Block 2/Audition from Heck.

I tried to post Thursday night, but my computer was being very difficult. I finally got inspired and started writing something Thursday night. Sadly, I have not written any more since then. I plan to compose some more this weekend. I had an audition for a movie entitled Grim Sweeper. It's about these two guys who clean up after gruesome accidents for a living. I was the first one there. I decided to use what I thought would be two hours to fully memorize my audition piece. I should have memorized it the night before. I started getting nervous, and I wasn't making good eye contact with the camera. And, this lady kept writing notes about me. This was the first audition I had where I had to prepare something. I was NOT prepared. I am kicking myself. I will get back on the horse. I will NOT let this make me quit. I wrote down some other auditions. I will be better next time. I also wrote a slightly apologetic letter to the people at the movie in a desperate attempt to jockey for a supporting role. I realize that I may have shot down my chance at a starring role. The starring roles get paid, too. Dang! Well, I have learned the hard way. In the immortal words or Aaliyah(RIP), "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again." Be easy.

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