Monday, April 11, 2005

A View at the Movies: Sin City

I finally saw the blockbuster Sin City. It was a very interesting film. It was based on a series of gritty, detective comics written and drawn by Frank Miller. Basically, it took the story and dialogue straight from the comics. Some of the dialogue seemed a little cheesy because of this, but I still enjoyed it. Basically, it is four stories that are tied together. A hired gun (Joshua Hartnett) romancing and murdering his victims, A simple street hood (Mickey Rourke) framed for murder, An escaped muderer(Clive Owen) and the prostitutes(led by Rosario Dawson) protecting their turf, and a good cop (Bruce Willis) risking health and reputation to protect a girl named Nancy (played by Jessica Alba in the later scenes). The movie is very gritty and disturbing. There was no clearly defined heroes and villains. With the exception of Bruce Willis, the protagonists came off as antiheroes. It wasn't a case of good guys vs. bad guys, it was more like a matter of noble killers vs. immoral killers. Also, in most stories, no good deed goes unpunished. Without giving away too much of the story, I'll just say that there are not a lot of happy, feel-good endings in this film. It's based on a comic, but not a Disney comic or any colorful caped crimefighters. I also liked the way director Robert Rodriguez digitally rendered the film black and white to match the comic, which is also devoid of color. Certain characters had color in certain places, such as eyes or dresses or hair. It was a very neat trick. Although graphic and disturbing, Sin City seems to be a very faithful adaptation of Frank Miller's sick, twisted world. Just be warned: The warm, fuzzy moments are very scarce. Be easy.
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