Monday, April 25, 2005

Doing Too Much

Man, I think I overdid it on my weekend recreations. Got off work on Friday, cruised the mall, went to see King's Ransom. It was okay to me. I have heard some people thought it was horrible. I was cool with it. I fell asleep on some parts because I stayed up too late the night before. So, no review. On Saturday, I was rolling after work. Had lunch with a buddy, went to Target, bought the first twelve episodes of Fat Albert on DVD. It was a three disc set. The third disc was an audio CD that had the Junkyard Gang songs performed at the end of each episode. Call me a geek if you want, but that was my favorite part of the show. I always wanted some sort of soundtrack or something. Then, I cruised the comic book store (Let the geek times roll!). Afterward's, me and my friends went to the Afrcia in April festival. It was basically a bunch of street vendors selling African, religious, and Afrocentric pieces. I bought a shirt that depicted the Black Olympians that held up black-gloved fists after receiving their medals. I know, I'm such a revolutionary...not. Sunday, I saw a Redbirds game, went back to Africa in April and bought a Good Times t-shirt, then I watched a wrestling pay-per-view with my friends from the day before. Man, I never thought that I could have too much fun. It's crazy. I plan to go out with a bang this week. On Sunday, ny favorite hip-hop group, The Roots, are coming to the Beale Street Music Fest. I never thought that I would see them in Memphis. And, their drummer, ?uestlove, is Djing afterwards at a nearby club. I am so freaking hyped! Of course, this will probably be it. I will start operating the boom mic for another film and trying to work on the first film that is still unfinished. And, I have inquired about a few more films through e-mail. Hopefully, I will be in full hustle mode. I value recreation, but I have got to put in extra work to make my dreams come true. Also, I think I will chill on next Friday to prepare me for Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I get down, but I keep reminding myself that I'm blessed. My job works my nerves sometimes, but at least I have one. Gotta hang in there.
My dreams becoming reality depend on my effort. Time to grind. Be easy.


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