Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From Doing Too Much to Not Doing Enough

Man, I need to film something! The planned shoots for Monday and Tuesday on Keenon's film were canceled. I tend to get in trouble when I don't film. I had planned to go to Wet Willie's on Monday night, but me and a good friend of mine had a...dispute. Needless to say, I didn't want to be around him for a while, like...forever. Yesterday, I went to an open mic session at the Full Moon Club. I saw the gospel rapper who was there when we shot scenes for Keenon's movie. I learned his name is MC Sid and he's homeless. He says that he is trying to get a job at Perkin's. I pray that the gets it. I was supposed to do my poetry, but I felt that my relationship and social commentary pieces would not go over well. I wish him well. I hope we put that cat on the Just the Two of Us soundtrack. So, that evening was busted. Bryan and I went to Spin Street. Bought Sly and the Family Stone's "Fresh" and an old-school hip-hop compilation. I have a need to perform or do lighting or something. I may have to try this bar near my house for some good old-fashioned karaoke if we don't film tonight. Oh, yeah, if you have time, go to and check out the trailer for Delusions. I'm not in the trailer, but I shoud be in the movie...if I haven't been edited out. I hate not knowing. Whenever you're a featured extra or non-essential character, there's always the fear of being cut. Oh, well, can't do anything about it. Oh, yeah, go to and peep out the progress on Grim Sweeper. The super cool and talented Jon Sparks (Across the River, Just the Two of Us) is playing a preacher. I also believe that Learyn Dancy (Just the Two of Us, The Survivor) is in the film, as well as Aaron Jones (Third Wheel Date, PA Pretender) and Lavita Brooks (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us). I guess that's it. Hopefully, today will be more exciting. Woo hoo! Be easy, readers.


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