Friday, November 04, 2005

And Now, A Bit of Poetry

Check it out. This is a summation of my Indie Memphis experiences and my current state of mind.

I'm a star, baby, and it's time to shine.
M.Sea was all about them Dollars and Signs.
Gotta get the paper without compromising myself.
Had the bling-bling on, I couldn't help myself.
I was so cocky, I wanted them to watch me,
and maybe get some love from the paparazzi.
Hey, yo, I'm an actor first, ask Forrest Pruett.
But I'm in love with the arts, my devotion's the truest.
Give me a mic, camera, or stage, and I get to it,
But really, I wanna be the best to ever do it.
I did a good role, I was killin' it,
But my family and friends wasn't feelin' it.
I was humbled, and I felt alone,
Tempted to leave the game and go on home.
But Rod Pitts said I'm to good to give it up.
If I hadn't got so hype, things wouldn't be so tough.
Yeah, I took a loss at my first premiere.
But I'm still standing, baby, I'm still here.
I'm trying to be humble, but I'm loud and country,
I gotta be heard, the people gotta love me.
Last week's results were demoralizing,
But I came back, like a phoenix rising.
I appreciate the joy, pain, and the struggle,
One day, the whole world will respect my hustle.
I do this for the love, but I'd love a money stack,
Be advised, my swagger is back!

I can't leave the game, baby! I got too much unfinished business! King Indie has returned! And remember, when Markus Seaberry is in your production, it's not just a movie, it's a movement!

Be easy, readers.


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