Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ooo, I Think They Like Me!

Actor and website guru Jon Sparks had already posted a link to my rambling soapbox of a blog some time ago. Yesterday, he mentioned my blog among others because I update regularly (Hey, I like being seen and heard on a regular basis). He gave this description:

the ruminations of a young actor starting small but with big aspirations

Did you read that? Ruminations? Big aspirations? Yeah, that about covers it. Sparky should write summaries for movies. Yeah!!!!! I ruminate, baby!!!!! And I aspire!!!! I'm so cool!!

Okay, if I can be serious for a moment...the weekend is looking real crazy. Tomorrow, on Keenon Nikita's great work Just the Two of Us, we have this courthouse scene. We should be at the Adams courthouse around 4 PM. I do believe that April Hale and Michael Travis Stone should be there. And I have shoots on Rusted Sun Film's Divine Manipulation of the Threads (peep the trailer at on Saturday, and scenes in Mail Call on Sunday at Young Avenue Deli. Ah, the actor's life is never done. Also, I am starting a project. Rod and Keenon have said that I need a reality show. Well, I am going one better. I am starting a documentary about my exploits and misadventures. Bryan Newcomb(Just the Two of Us, photographer for What Goes Around) is manning the camera. You can follow the ups and downs of a young man chasing a crazy dream. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder what kind of social life I have (it's very small). So, directors, if you see me and a short, Caucasian guy with a camera, we're not filming your movie. We'll just be filming scenes of me talking before and after filming, and hopefully a few scenes with cast and crew. Watch for it. Be easy, readers.


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