Monday, November 07, 2005

Defending My Good Name

My good friend and writing partner, Damarico Fowler, has posted some cruel accusations about me on his website, Here are his accusations:

Some facts on Markus Seaberry: 1 is a closet fan of Cat Stevens 2. has a fetish for women who sing like Minnie Ripperton 3. sometimes wears Hello Kitty bodyspray for women 4. due to a breakdancing accident, has a permanent George Jefferson B4 grade limp

Okay, first of all, I only know one Cat Stevens song. Peace Train rules! Second of all, Minnie Ripperton was the truth! I wear Brut, not Hello Kitty bodyspray. Last, I limp because I'm so damn pimpish, baby!

Here are some facts about Damarico Fowler:
1. He has an autographed pair of legwarmers from Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video.

2. Has a Cabbage Patch Kids collection in his basement

3. Sleeps with an official Mr. Rogers cardigan

4. Performs at barmitzvahs as a Jewish rapper, MC Verklempt

Deal with that, Fowler. Now everyone leave evil replies on


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