Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Special Brand of Valentine's Day Hate

This is an Anti-Valentine's Day poem from my good friend, "Angry" Nick Jones
It is the seventh in his I Hate Valentine's Day Series. Hey, it's my blog, but why be greedy? Nick has some Cupid-hating venom to unleash upon the lovesick fools running around with their corny balloons, thorny roses, and stale candy (not that I'm bitter). Enjoy the hate!

I Hate Valentine's Day Part 7

Dear…………..no better
To whom it may concern
Another year another lesson learned
In the game of this thing they call love
I am convinced I will never get a turn
With you it seems everyone gets a turn
I tried to be the best man I possibly can
While you were off with the next man
Guess I was not to be in your long term plans
I could not even get a simple apology
No more proof needed that we not meant to be
See you don’t need to bring me flowers like Ms. Streisand
In case you forgot I am still a grown man
And as a man I can always admit my lack of perfection
Still I try to keep my mind open to the possibility
Only to have it closed by the reality
And the reality is that it’s a cold, cold world that acts so savagely
So in my reality I put a coat on metaphorically for my heart
You may call it having my guard up or even a wall
Truth is I am trying to spring forward and not fall
But in all and complete honesty I have given an attempt to have an open mind to the love thing
Its kind of like Mr. Dream Merchant that’s selling them dreams
You get a hold of them and they are never good as they seemed
So I know my chances are slim
As I proceed through my days with a disposition that’s grim
It doesn’t matter what kind of light you shine on it, still dim
This is not the final chapter
I will continue to write for those not living happily ever after
I never start with a plot, scheme, or storyline in mind
In the end its all the same I hate valentines.


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