Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ValenSwine's Day Tribute

My fellow LoveHater Paul Briggs has now weighed in with his Anti-Valentine's Day Piece. Sip on a great big cup of Haterade and enjoy this piece entitled Games

Games (A tribute to ValenSWINE's Day)
By Acydic - http://acydic.bebo.com

When will the madness end?
The game is over before it even begins
the last time
before I turn the big 3-0,
and what do I have for show?
Nuttin' but love in the game of Love
15-0, 30-0, 40-0, point, set, game, match
Love for me is the itch I never got to scratch
I am the team on the bad end of a no-hitter
Every time up, Love pitched me a pop fly ball to deep center
If Love played hockey, he'd be a bad goalie,
Can't defend the shots of haters at all, totally
If Love played soccer, don't put 'em at striker,
A goal will never be scored by this pathetic lifer
Love sucks so much that its got its own pacifier
Don't put 'em on the gridiron, it'll get sacked
More times than David Carr against a Pittsburg Blitz attack
Love is the concussion of life
You know about that Steve Young, right?
Man still ain't married, won a super bowl, that's a story for another day
Last, I heard, Love got beaten at the Kentucky Derby
By a horse that was rode by Pat Day.
The coaches for Love in these sports would be the those who abuses it
Like Uday Hussein, "…sports will be run my way..."
For now on, all the sports I play will be solo
No more will I be duped like a Dodo
Love will never again make me crazy loco
I won't compete against Love, so I won't be so sad like Harlan T. Bobo
And for all my peoples out there, if nothing else, please know,
You never get a second chance at a missed free throw…



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