Monday, June 19, 2006

Screening and a Bittersweet Father's Day:Weekend Wrap-Up


My scene for Curbside Confessions was postponed, so Rod Pitts ( and I went to a screening of Dollars and Signs (Official Selection, 2005 Indie Memphis Film Festival...yes, I'm proud of that). It was held at the Hattiloo Theatre, 654 Marshall. The theatre is still being refurbished, but it will be an African-American Repertory Theatre that will need the support of art-lovers and people who generally give a damn about things in this city. End of PSA. Okay, Rod starts chatting with director Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan). I mention that I was an extra. He says that he remembers editing my scene. I may have survived the cutting-room floor, people! The Executive Director of Hattiloo, Ekundayo Bandele, was in the house. The man is a superb actor/spoken-word artist and he was in Dollars and Signs. Of course, the movie's director, Brandon Hutchinson was back from Chicago, as were principal actors Phil Darius Wallace and Morgan Jon Fox (Blue Citrus Hearts). My boy Ennis Newman aka rapper/poet/producer Fathom 9 ( was also there. He and Ron Franklin did most of the film's score. Other members of the Iron Mic Coalition ( were in attendance as well. The movie was ten minutes shorter, it flowed better. My close-up became a medium shot (Booo!), but it was cool. Brandon had us stand up for a brief Q &A. No one asked me ANYTHING! I'll take feeling useless for $200, Alex! Later, we moved across the street and some (very few) people watched the performances. Ron Franklin plays a mean acoustic guitar. Very folksy, kinda bluesy, but engaging. Some members of the IMC also rocked it. It was an enclosed area and not very condusive to a hip-hop performance, but they persevered.

After that, Rod and I built with Keenon Nikita ( until the wee hours. We discussed movies, celebrities, God, love, it was very interesting.


The late night chat session caused me to wake up at 2 PM. I missed the Lil' Film Fest. I wanted to support and cheer on Jon Sparks ( because he had a documentary in the competition. Sorry, Sparky! Also, sorry about the loss. Maybe I could've been that extra vote (heh heh). I went to Spin Street and bought my father a collection of old Westerns for Father's Day. I ran a few more errands, then I went to the second screening of Dollars and Signs at the Media Co-Op. It was cool. Oddly Buoyant Productions was in the house, as was Morgan Fox, David Merrill, and other film people. After this screening, when I got on stage, Ennis asked me a question. It was a plant. We planned it. Hey, you gotta make the most of any opportunity. After this showing, Valerie June performed. She and Ron Franklin collaborated on an original song for the movie, "How Free Will I Be". She performed that and some other things, I bought her CD. She performs in the Cooper-Young area a lot. her performances are very passionate and heartfelt. Support her!!! Next, local rapper Cosmo ( performed three songs. He has a CD. Support him!!! Then, local rapper Ptah Maximus ( performed. He has an album. Support him!!! Last, Fathom Nine performed. The Iron Mic Coaliton has an album thats' available at Tower Records and Support them!!!

Brandon said that he appreciates my enthusiasm, which messed me up a little, because I get down and frustrated a lot about acting and life in general. I'm glad to be of service, I guess. Later, Ennis, Kevin Youngblood (Ptah), Cosmo, myself, Louie (Sperichal), and some more friends of Ennis' all went to Perkins on Poplar and ate and chilled out and made fun of certain patrons. It was wrong, but it was funny!!!

I chilled out, watched a few TV show that my big bro taped for me (DVR rules!), and my mom called and said that since the weather was so bad, we shouldn't go out there. So, my father has not received his Father's Day gift yet. Bummer. I went over my friend Shomari's house and watched a wrestling Pay-Per-View. I finally gavbe him his birthday present, a Family Guy DVD. He finally gave me my present, a DVD of the first season of the latest Batman cartoon.

After that, I headed home and watched the conclusion of the Heat-Mavericks NBA game. Shout out to Dwyane Wade. He had over 40 points and basically willed the Miami Heat team to victory. D-Wade is the truth!!!

Today, I plan to work hard at my great job (sarcasm alert!), go home, and watch Monday Night Raw. I'll film again...someday. Be easy, readers.


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