Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's Good to Be Me Right Now!!!

First of all, I saw an advance screening of "School for Scoundrels" that start Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Stiller, Michael Clarke Duncan, Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live), and others. Heder is a loser whose buddy (David Cross) convinces him to take the ultimate assertive class. Heder's a star pupil, but what begins as a class turns into a battle for it all between Thornton and Heder, including the affections of Heder's secret crush (Jacinda Barrett). Very funny, very interesting, and full of twists. I may see it again when it makes it to the budget theater. Turn to your neighbor and say "$2.50"!!

Okay, I have just received word that What Goes Around, the first film that I ever did, directed by Rod Pitts (, has been accepted to Indie Memphis. The date and time will be announced soon. Imagine, also directed by Mr. Pitts, won the first Lil' Film Fest and it will also be in the Indie Memphis Film Fest. Those two movies, plus Eat and The Importance of Being Russell, brings my count up to 4 movies in Indie Memphis. 3 features and a sh0rt. I told one of the Indie Memphis officials last year that they may want to give me the MVP award next year. She said, "We don't have that award". Well, they might need to create it!! I am unbelievably hype!!! I am also justified, because I've been working my butt off for 2.5 years. It is always good to see the fruits of your labors. And I am sure that that fruit will be sweet. Today is the first day of the Markus Seaberry Indie Memphis "Respect My Fresh" campaign. And remember, when Markus Seaberry is in your production, "It's Not Just a Movie, It's a Movement"!!! King Indie rides again!!! Hail to the King, baby!!! It's on and popping this year!!! Indie Memphis will be renamed the King Indie Memphis Film Festival (in my mind). I have got to take off for these days. It's like a Seaberry film retrospective, and I ain't even been in the game that long. I thank God for the opportunity, and I thank all those who have supported me and stood by me, actors, family, and friends. It is my time. Be easy, readers.
And see my movies!!!!


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