Monday, October 30, 2006

Karaoke, Monsters, and Revolution: The End of the Week and Weekend Wrap-Up

I went to Jordan's for karaoke. I performed Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, with accompanying dance. I also performed Matchbox 20's "If You're Gone". My girls Candace, Jamie, Lala, and Dory were in the house, and we had a darn good time!!


My buddy Joe Smith (Almost Made) was bartending at Jordan's, and Forrest Pruett (Unholy Passion) and Christin Ackerman (Delusions) were in the Sports Bar. I hung out over there, but jumped over to the karaoke side for two quick songs: Lionel Richie's "All Night Long"and Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning". After Joe cleaned up, we went to the Stage Stop and chatted about acting and our theories, frustrations, and hopes. It was like Inside the Actors Studio: The Indie Version. And by indie I mean "normally not getting paid". Christin has been missing auditions, and I just haven't worked in two months. Two months in Markus time is like three years. It was nice to "talk shop" a little bit.


I got off work at 1 PM, got a haircut, went to the comic book store, and chilled out.


Got off work at 1 PM, went home, napped, then I woke up around 4 PM and went to a Halloween party at my boy Shomari's house. I was dressed as ?uestlove from the hip-hop band The Roots (,, That's right, people, they're a hip-hop BAND. They have a guy that raps and they play real instruments, for all you music snobs who feel that hip-hop isn't "real music". We watched Hostel and Saw II. Okay, here comes the rant: I don't care for horror movies. If I want death and blood and destruction, I have the local news, world news, CNN, and the good old world outside my front door. I like funny films, romantic comedies, dramas, cartoons, and my favorite, lovable underdog stories where the nerd gets the fine girl. As a matter of fact, I may write a movie called Nerd Gets Fine Girl. End of rant. Shout out to "Angry" Nick Jones, who brought the Hall of Justus CD that I had him order for me from Border's. Hall of Justus is a collective of MCs from North Carolina ( I also bought the new John Legend CD ( John Legend is a very soulful singer. Buy his CD.

After the gruesome bloodfest and good food, I bounced. I went to Jordan's and joined my friends like Jamie, Dory and her husband, and others. It was so packed, I only did one song. I decided to sing Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I also backed up my buddy Tony Owens on the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right to Party". It was cool.


I watched Step Up at the Bartlett 1o. Yeah, it was a dancing movie!!! It was happy, too!!! Leave me alone!!! I will probably have to buy it. It fits right in with my other cheesy dance movies (Breakin, Breakin II, Beat Street, etc.). I also ran into Recco, who is working on a documentary about the popular Memphis dance the Gangsta Walk. Go to Afterwards, I rolled out to Peabody Place and hung out with my buddy Mario Lindsey. We went to Towers, and we also went to Hooters on Beale Street. Next, I went to the Hattiloo Theatre ( for "Liberation Unplugged". Brotha's Keepa( had a poetry concert. They were joined by Powwah Da Poet (, Phucha (, and a rap group out of Atlanta, FTP ( They were very revolutionary and blunt, and although I didn't agree with everything said, I respect their right to their opinion.

Afterwards, I went to Jordan's, and I sang some karaoke. I performed "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down, "Big Poppa" by Notorious BIG, "Lithium" by Nirvana, and "Raspberry Beret" by Prince. It was a small crowd. After that, I went back to da Dova (Cordova).

Well, that's been the last few days. I am a little antsy and itching to act again. "Let's Ride" is supposed to start filming in Memphis soon. It looks like it could be a paying gig. Be easy, readers.

PS Shout out to the St. Louis Cardinals for beating the Detroit Tigers in five games to take their first World Series title since 1982. I am happy for them, and for me as well, because now my shows will come back. Oh, House, Standoff, and Family Guy, how I've missed you.


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