Monday, October 09, 2006

Local Celebrity, Karaoke, and Wrestling: The Weekend Wrap-Up

Rod Pitts ( and Keenon Nikita ( and myself attended an Indie Memphis preview party at Burke's Bookstore on Poplar. Several of the community were in attendance. Jon Sparks ( and his lovely wife were there, the Courdoroy Wednesday (Grim Sweeper) gang was there, as was Chris McCoy of Oddly Buoyant Productions (Eat), Paradox Films and John Pickle (Importance of Being Russell), actress/singer Amy LaVere (Eat), and others. It was crazy, everybody passing out their flyers and posters. Rod and Keenon hobnobbed and rubbed shoulders, as did I. At one point, I was sitting outside with Rod and Keenon. Who comes up but Commercial Appeal movie critic John Beifuss. I said, "What's up, Beifuss?" He says, "Well, well, the most ubiquitous presence in Memphis film". John Beifuss called me ubiquitous. Rod looked it up for me, and it means that you appear to be everywhere. Yeah, that covers it!!! That felt so good. I was very appreciative, because Beifuss is very critical. I hope he likes my work. If he doesn't, I'm sure he'll let me know. Everybody showed their trailers, including Craig Brewer, who showed the Black Snake Moan trailer. A guy from Paramount approached Rod on the strength of the What Goes Around trailer. We don't have any definitive news, but he wants to see a copy of the film. It was a pretty good night for the PSP/DDE (Pittstop Productions/Dog Day Entertainment) family. Next week, on October 17, when Just the Two of Us airs at 6:15 PM, followed by What Goes Around at 8:45 PM, the legend will be firmly cemented. It's good times, people, good times, blue skies, and sunshine! I may need some sunscreen.


After work, I napped. I woke up, went to Perkin's, then I saw Talladega Nights. That was a funny movie. Will Ferrell is hilarious!!! I also loved a brief cameo by singer Elvis Costello and rapper Mos Def.

Later, I went to Jordan's for karaoke. My first song was Huey Lewis and the News' "The Power of Love". Next, me and fellow Fayette County native Uncle Ricky did "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg. Then, we did "Nuttin' But a G Thang". My last turn, I had to break out a classic from the late 80s. "The Right Stuff" by New Kids On the Block. It was wild! I even did the dance. The crowd went wild!!!


I picked up my cousin Anwar in Oakland, Tennesse and we rolled to the Collierville Cinema to watch Employee Of the Month. Dane Cook is pretty cool, and Jessica Simpson was decent. Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite was pretty funny, too.

After that, I went to my friend Shomari's house and watched wrestling. Sports entertainment at its finest, people.


The Survivor has been accepted by Indie Memphis. I am credited with the role of an EMT and I am credited as a crew member. See for yourself:

Another listing. The legend of King Indie continues to grow. Next week, when I have eight films in the Indie Memphis Film Fest (A new record, I might add), my legacy will at least be firmly established in this town. Next stop, Hollywood! Be easy, readers!!


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