Thursday, October 12, 2006

My late-Night Screening

I arrived at MO's on Walker Avenue by 10:19 PM. Fortunately, the last film, Uri's Move, hadn't shown yet. I did miss Arnita Williams' film In an Instant. I hope to see Arnita's work in the future, as she is a PSP (Pittstop Productions) All-Star. Uri's Move dealt with a guy named Uri who was living a simple Midtown existence with his girlfriend, Chik, barely scraping by, when his brother, Wolfgang, arrives from Zurich to take him back and have him play a more active role in the family business. There's another cut of this film by the producer, John Fuess, called Mail Call. Uri's Move is by the director, Vineet Thapar. Vineet's version was shorter, but it was cool. Only one of my scenes survived the cutting room floor in Vineet's version, the opening scene where I look through the window of my van at Uri and you hear my thoughts. It was cool. My closing voiceover, and other scenes were cut, but, hey, it's the director's prerogative. I'm just glad I got some shine in the film. Shout out to Arnita Williams (In an Instant), her mom, Al Lahiri, Rod Pitts (, and Kim Skipper (Imagine) for checking out the film. Shout out to my buddy Trevor, who I used to see at the hip-hop shows for supporting me as well. Trevor is a cameraman at Channel 5 and he wants to do a film. Of course, we exchanged info. I took another filmmaker, a Ms. Ingram, back to her house, and we spoke of her film ideas. I gave her my card, so hopefully, that will turn into something.

I am a little disappointed because I will not be able to be in John Fuess' next project, Blue Tail Fly. One of the main actors will only be in town this Saturday morning, and I have to work. That sucks!!! Man, it's tough trying to balance the day job and the dream, but I'll keep hustling. I haven't filmed in a minute, so I'm getting restless. Any filmmakers reading this blog that need people for your projects, holla at me. I dislike being stagnant. After all the basking and reflecting that will take place next week at Indie Memphis, I want to get back in the game in a week or so.

I am also bummed that I will be in three shorts in tonight's FABA Film Fest: Arrogant Dead People, Kung-Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation, and Outtakes from Arrogant Dead People, all directed by Jon "Sparky" Sparks ( I would still love for people to go out and support this festival. Support the arts. Support independent film!! Buy low, sell high!!!! Okay, forget that last one. But, here is the lineup for tonight:
FABA Film-Fest!!!!
6:00 pm: Start festival 6:30: Shorts program The ancient one- Don Myers- 5 min. Arrogant dead people- Jon W Sparks-5 min. (I'm in this one!!!)
Kung Fu Fighting: a literary improvisation.- Jon W sparks-5 min. (This one too!!)
Out takes- Jon Sparks- 6 Minutes (I'm in this one also) Ants in an ant farm- Timm Scalita- 9 Minutes 7:20- Broken esteem- Lynda Ingram & Timm Scalita- 22 minutes 8:00- Awards ceremony & Director panel 8:30-Last call lovin’- Timm Scalita- 50 minutes 9:30- 1000 words-Duane Craig- 30 minutes

Please come out and support. Be easy, readers!!!


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