Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Memphis: More Country Than City

I have realized a few things that Memphis needs to work on if we are to shed that country bumpkin mentality. This may be ongoing, I'm not sure, but these two bother me the most right now.

1: Central High School and their "H"

Okay, I get it Central High School was the first high school in Memphis. Yay, hoorah, get a gold star, whatever. However, must every item of Central paraphernalia have an "H" on it? It makes perfect sense to you Central people, but to a lot of my friends (like "Angry" Nick Jones) and to outsiders, it looks, and ass-backwards. You're walking around with an "H" on your jacket, and somebody from out of town asks you what does the "H" stand for, and you say Central? That's just dumb!!! I would bet that no other city would do such foolishness, only country-ass Memphis!!! Yet another reason why other cities think that we drive around on tractors in the middle of the street.

2: Peabody Hotel and the Ducks

I don't know, the Peabody Ducks were cute when I was younger, but now, it just seems...silly. I know it's a tourist trap....I'm sorry, I meant tourist "attraction" but I fail to see the big hairy deal about some stinking ducks walking in a hotel. I mean, do they have a room? They're animals, people!!!! This is almost as bad as calling 911 for animals. Yet another country, ass-backwards thing about Memphis that causes other peolple to think that we are inbred hicks with no shoes on our feet. C'mon, now, everybody knows that's Arkansas....I kid, I kid!!!! Bill Clinton rules!!! Go Razorbacks, woohoo.

I realize that my comments may offend some, but, hey, guess what? It's my blog, so if you're mad, build a gigantic bridge and get over it!!!!! You are free to respond any way you want, if you get mad enough to write a counterblog, be my guest!!! This is, after all, my opinion...even though it's right. Be easy, readers.


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At 11:54 AM, Blogger henchman#2 said...

uh negro you an yo friend need not be hating on central; fo yo opinion the h comes from it being the first high school, then known as Memphis High.

class of 98


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