Thursday, November 16, 2006

Karaoke Chronicles: 11/16/2006

Yesterday, I decided to go out for more karaoke goodness. I began at Jordan's, where I performed "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. It was cool. Forrest Pruett (Forty Shades of Blue), his boss, and these two girls were hanging out. Jordan's was about to close, so I followed them to Willie Moffat's, where I sang "Daughters" by John Mayer, "ABCs and 123s" by Levert (RIP Gerald Levert), and I finished off with "Feel Good Inc" by the Gorillaz feat. Dave from De La Soul. Another funny incident happened that night. One of the girls was a little high-strung. A great singer, cute, but a little stuck-up. Forrest took it upon himself to loosen her up. Forrest annoyed the heck out of her. At one point, when she wasn't looking, Forrest dumped several sugar packets in her purse. Forrest then began making references to sugar and sweets. I eventually had to point to her purse. She got pissed, an threw the packets at Forrest. It was funny, but I was trying to take her side. I told ther that when she comes back for revenge to remember that I was innocent. All in all, another crazy night. I was sleepy today, but the "sugar" incident made the evening!!!

Adam Remsen, a local filmmaker, has enlisted the services of King Indie to play a role in his short that he's filming for the next Lil' Film Fest, "Politically Incorrect Holidays". This should be fun, and should end two weeks of no filming. King Indie Films again!!!! Be easy, readers.


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