Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The N Word: Why It Needs to Die

Okay, I had to give my view on what KKKramer from Seinfeld said. Okay, look, straight up, "The N Word" has got to go. I know it sounds cliche, but my ancestors did not brave fire hydrants, lynching, dogs, and beatings so that we could call each other that word. Yes, I am guilty of using the word. I also refuse to subscribe to the notion that African-Americans can use it, but others can't. That's a pitiful and weak double standard. By the same token, I have been lenient when Caucasians have used the word. I told myself, "It's okay, thery were just reciting some Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle jokes". I knew that these people didn't mean any harm, and so I let it slide. I also turned the other way when my Caucasian friends sang songs that included the "N-word". Sadly, I can't do that any longer. I bear no ill will towards any of my Caucasian friends because I never let you know that it offended me. That's my fault. I have tried to be the "non-threatening African-American", but it ends today. If that offends any of my Caucasian friends, I apologize. We must let that word go. EVERYONE. Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Dutch, Polish, whoever!!! Using it more does not empower African-Americans. That's a foolish crutch that we as a people have clung to. The word has got to die. Yes, the word stings. It will always sting. It's an atrocious word. Expecting African-Americans to let the word go and get over it is like writing a Holocaust comedy and thinking that no one will get offended. Some things just have to be learned from and put aside. I mean, that is the only racial epithet that is used by the people that it is intended to offend. I have never heard a Jewis person talk about "What up, my kike?!" Also, I have never heard Hispanica talk about "I'm a straight up spic". Also, I have never heard Asians say "This is for all my chinks!!" Do you know why? Because it sounds foolish!!! The word has to go. It is wrong, it is ignorant, and it's outdated. Calling ourselves that only made people of non-African descent feel comfortable saying it. Let's let the word die. We can give it a lavish ceremony, a 21 gun salute, a burial at sea, we can get Al Sharpton to give the eulogy. After all, he also eulogized the word "def" in a funeral several years ago. I am begging and imploring everybody to stop using the word. Anybody using it around me will have problems. Be easy, readers....and stop using racial epithets of all kinds.


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