Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random Items:11/22/2006

1: Shout out to my job for letting me come in two hours late because everybody else left two hours early, that was lovely!!!

2: I saw Barnyard. It was funny, and had a nice little message. The little crumbsnatchers (kids) in the theater were annoying, but it was okay.

3: In the "There is a God" department, Fox honcho Rupert Murdoch decided not to publish O.J. Simpson's book If I Did It, which is a "hypothetical" account of how he would have murdered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, the same people that he was acquitted of murdering. That's just sick!!!! I understand Simpson has bills and he can't exactly work at Home Depot, but that was just wrong as hell. Read this article:

4: To the cop who gave me a ticket for parking in front of MY mailbox (where I always park), you can go to hell with gasoline undergarments on!!! Yeah, I said it!!! Stinkin' copper!!!! You'll never take me alive, see!!!!!......Okay, perhaps I'm at fault, but that seemed very punkish and "Let me be a jerk and fill my quota". The universe will punish you. You will probably have bad breath, hair growing out of your nose and ugly offspring, you meanie!!! Wow, I said meanie, what am I, ten?!

5: I am feeling the new Jay-Z album, Kingdom Come. It had dope beats and Jay-Z's usual brand of arrogant and introspective lyrics. Hip-hop needed this.

6: Be easy, readers!!!! (And go easy on the Thanksgiving food. Today's extra gravy is tomorrow's extra crunches!!)


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