Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random Items: 11-7-06

1: I bought the Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary DVD for a mere $12.87 at Wal-Mart (yeah, I know, they're capitalist pigs). It is a two-disc set with the movie in Widescreen, fullscreen, a crew commentary, a fan commentary, a "pop-up" version with cool facts, the trailer for the live-action movie (7/4/07), an episode of the series only released in Japan, test/alternate/deleted scenes, featurettes, and other treats. This is a good day for geeks everywhere. Put your pocket protectors and manga DVDs in the air!!!! Geeknation!!! Yeah, that felt good.

2:For those of you that watch Lost, you know that

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!

Mr. Eko, the African-American thug turned priest that carried a wooden "Jesus stick" with Bible verses on it, was killed off the show. By a giant, black, living cloud. What the hell!!!! Like the polar bear mauling him wasn't bad enough, now the brotha gets killed by a cloud!!!! That is not a cool way to go out, not a good look at all. What's next, a torrential downpour is gonna cause somebody to suffocate?! Ah, Eko, we hardly knew ye.

3: So, Britney Spears has filed for divorce from ol' K-Fed, huh? About freakin' time!!! I wonder if the WWE will fire him now, too. He's been showing up and getting beaten up by wrestlers (loved every minute of it). His album's flopping, too. Entertainment Weekly gave K-Fed an F, and in the Download this portion of the review, they had one word: None. That means that ol'boy ain't even worth Napster of Kazzaa or whatever illegal pirating downloading site that everybody( including me at times) uses. Everybody say a prayer that the public nuisance known as K-Fed will take his divorce settlement and dance off into the sunset. I hear the Carnval Cruise line needs some dancing sailors. I kinda liked some of Britney's songs. Maybe she'll pull herself together and at least become a Vegas act or hit the casino circuit. Or a judge on a reality TV talent competition. The possibilities are endless!!!

4: Vote, please!!! I will not influence anyone's decison (COUGH, COUGH, Ford, Jr, COUGH, COUGH), but I will implore you to vote. It's a right and a privilege. End of Public Service Announcement.

5: Wilmer Valderama hosts a show called Yo Mama. I'm sorry, when I think of mama jokes, or checking, as we say in the M-Town, I think of it as something urban, street, African-American in origin. I sure in the hell don't think of freakin' Fez!!!! I've seen Amish priests with more street cred. He makes Colin Powell look like Lil' Jon, for crying out loud!!! On another note, if I ever get a series, I sure hope I can get cool with someone who winds up being an executive producer. If it wasn't for Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer would be a Hollywood Square or doing straight to DVD action adventure films with Stephen Seagal. Yeah, I said it!!!!

6: Refer to the shameless plug below for my next screening and, as always, Be easy readers!!!

Plug Time!!!

The movie Eat is having a screening at the Media Co-Op (1000 South Cooper) Saturday at 7 PM. The admission is $5.

Eat follows the lives of people who work in restaurants and their trials and tribulations. Eat also includes lots of wacky customers at each restaurant (like myself). So, support independent film, support King Indie (yours truly), and support your local Memphis talent like musician/singer/actress Amy Lavere.


Days until Markus Seaberry's next screening: Five Days!!


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