Monday, March 19, 2007

Film Festivals, Sickness, and Tiger Basketball: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, came home and watched the Tigers beat North Texas. Yeah!!! I basically chilled the rest of the evening.


I got off work and went to the Lil' Film Fest 5. The theme was "The Legend of Craig Brewer". I was in a short called "Intense Black Guy, Bitchy White Women". I played a cross between D'Jay from Hustle and Flow and Lazarus from Black Snake Moan. I chained up Monica Summerfield (Eat) and then I try to convince her to be my "rapping partner". It was funny, and very improvised because a lot of people didn't show up. I wish we could have filmed the original script, but oh, well. I had a feeling we didn't win when it seemed like more people were complimenting me on my portrayal of Lazarus in the "trailer" for Black Snake Moan that was shot by Rod Pitts. It got second place (first prize) in a contest, and Rod and the director, Naseera Lewis (What Goes Around), got to go to the New York Premiere of Moan. Congratulations to John Pickle for winning another Lil' Film Fest with his piece, Do You Know Craig Brewer? It makes sense, he did have actual footage of Craig Brewer from his annual Hallloween Costume Party. It was hilarious!! I was a little saddened when Jon Sparks ( did not call on me for this short. Once I saw the short, I realized that It's Hard Out Here For a Gump used clips from Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan, and Forrest Gump to tell a story. I told Sparky that I am the Leo DiCaprio to his Martin Scorsese. He didn't agree in either case. I look forward to working with Sparky again and recreate our award-winning collaboration from Lil' Film Fest 4. I also enjoyed Nicki Newburger's short Moanin at Sundance. She used footage of Samuel Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Timberlake being interviewed at Sundance and had three prominent Memphis filmmakers do voiceovers. Samuel Jackson was my good buddy and film mentor Rod Pitts (heck of a job, Rod), Christina Ricci was Brandon Hutchison (Dollars and Signs), and Justin was Morgan Fox (Blue Citrus Hearts). That was funny!!! I kept trying to tell people that my bad rapping in the short was acting, but I don't know if people believed me. They don't know about my spoken word and brief forays into hip-hop, but that's cool.

After that, I went to Comics and Collecibles and got my first sign of the day: Sean, one of the employees, asked me what happened to my hip-hop dreams. I told him that I had gotten depressed last year and quit writing. He was trying to light a fire under me and push me to do it again. Thanks, Sean. I appreciate that, dude. Next, I was on the phone with my buddy Denna Greer (What Goes Around) and I was explaining again how I got a little depressed last year, started eating, and now resemble a linebacker or a wrestler. Next week, I get my own zip code. Anyway, she suggested that when I feel down, I should try writing. She reminded me that I hadn't wrote a poem in a minute, and I am "that damn good". That, boys and girls, was my second sign of the day. Denna is a very intelligent woman. Her advice is normally on point.

After my conversation with Denna, I called Rod Pitts. Rod tells me that I am not getting any younger and that I should try to write a screenplay and an album, because these things interest me. He says that if I was serious, he and Keenon would help me. Yes, people, that was my third sign. Okay, in the words of that song from The Color Purple, "Maybe God Is Trying To Tell Me Something". I will try to get back on track with the poetry and hip-hop. I don't know about the script. People say write what you know, and my fear is that my life experiences would turn into a boring geek fest with characters occasionally singing 80s cartoon theme songs (it's a gift). We'll see.

I began feeling sick, so I turned in early and attempted to sleep it off. I wasn't so successful.


I drug my slightly sick carcass out of bed and went to Jordan's for a Chicken Philly and some karaoke. After that, I went home and hung out with my brother and his friends while we alternately cursed and cheered the University of Memphis Tigers to victory. Victory was costly, however: Leading scorer Chris Douglas-Roberts left the game with a moderate sprain. The Tigers still prevailed over Nevada and will play Texas A &M in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday. I hope Roberts can contribute, and I hope the Tigers continue to play hard.

I also hope I get over this cold and am back to my normal, (kinda) energetic self. I have scenes to act out, poems to write, and verses to pen. Be easy, readers.


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