Monday, February 26, 2007

Filming, Chillin, and Me Being a "Hater": The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, got a haircut, and I pretty much ran around town, then I went back home.


I shot a short with Timm Scalita (Last Call Lovin). Chris Byerly and Duane Scott were there as well, they call themselves Smokin' Gnome Productions. The short was for the Lil' Film Fest 5. The theme is a tribute to Craig Brewer. I played a character that was a composite of Samuel Jackson's "Lazarus" character in Black Snake Moan and Terrence Howard's "DJay" character in Hustle and Flow. It was cool, we had fun, we finished filming, then we watched "Touching You", Timm's segment from the movie The Sick. In case you were wondering, yes, I'm in that film, too.

Later, I went over my girl Tamara's house for an event she dubbed the "Get Together Because We Can" Get Together. Her boyfriend Rafael was there, as was my buddy Clinton. We talked comics. I also talked wrestling with Clinton and his brother. Again, Lexis (Tamara's one-year-old girl) and I were the only ones not drinking. I still had a pretty good time, though.

I had to go back over Monica's and get my dress shoes that I had left, after that, I went to Kroger's and got some food for Keenon Nikita's (Just the Two of Us) after party. Keenon was there, Rod Pitts (, DeAara Lewis (director, Tricks), her sister Deneka, Nia, Sean Carter (a female, not Jay-Z), and Mowbray and Cherina. We had pizza and chilled out and watched the Oscars. LaVita Brooks (Tricks, What Goes Around) and her son came through later. I am very critical about entertainment, and I was labeled a "hater" for a few of my statements, like the fact that I don't care for Tobey Maguire's acting, Oprah's a hypocrite, and that Will Smith's son messing up his lines was no big deal. He's rich, his dad will get him the best tutors money can buy. Also, I said that I didn't care about Jay-Z and Beyonce's rumored split, that's not a real problem. Once again, they're rich. Perhaps I should have elaborated, but honestly, rich people split up all the time. Big hairy deal. The sun will still rise. I'm not really into celebrity gossip, unless it pertains to their projects. When you're rich, you can get good therapy, good tutors, and you can pay somebody to go out with you or, at the very least, to show up with you at events. But it's okay, I'll be the hater, I'll be the bad guy, whatever.

On a lighter note, congratulations to Jennifer Hudson for her best supporting actress win for Dreamgirls, shout out to Forrest Whitaker for taking the Best Actor trophy home for Last King of Scotland, and extra special shout out to Martin Scorsese for FINALLY getting Best Director for The Departed. I don't know if it deserved Best Picture as well, but this year that was a wide-open race. I would love to get an Oscar one day. I don't really think about it a lot, but it could be cool. Shoot, let me get to the point where I can make a living acting, then I'll think about the Oscar. Be easy,readers.


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