Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Watching Movies, Karaoke, and President's Day: The Extra Long, Three-Day Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work at 1PM, I went to the comic book store, hung out, and I saw Daddy's Little Girls. It's the new movie by writer/director Tyler Perry (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion). It was okay, the acting was decent, but the script could've been more polished, paticularyl the relationship between Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba.
After that, Rod and I went to Hephzibah's, a restaurant that specializes in greaseless beef, chicken, and turkey. Then, we went to Wal-Mart. I bought a few things and had a good ol' time.

After I got off from work, Rod and I went to the "urban clothing stores" on American Way. The t-shirt that I wanted had finally gone on sale. It was a t-shirt made by the company LRG (lifted research group), a popular hip-hop clothing line. The t-shirt is black, and it has a big gold mouth grill on the front, and it says "I don't wear gold fronts because I don't smile enough". I had to have it. Later, I went to Spin Street and then to Jordan's for some good old karaoke.


I was back at Jordan's for some Sunday afternoon karoke. I sang "Ordinary People" by John Legend, "Casanova" by Levert (RIP Gerald Levert), and John Mayer's "No Such Thing".
After that, Rod and I went to Office Depot so he could print out some business cards for his trip to New York. We also went to Border's where he met my other buddy "Angry" Nick Jones. Nick gave me a hard time about the white A-shirt (commonly called a wife-beater) that I wore in Rod's Black Snake Moan contest trailer. I know, I've put on some weight. I promised to do crunches before I showed my belly again. After that, we saw Norbit. It was okay to me. Rod hated it. I mean, it was nothing new: Eddie Murphy playing multiple characters. I like Eddie, though. I also enjoyed the supporting cast: Thandie Newton, Eddie Griffin, Cuba Gooding, Jr, etc. After that, we went to Target, then I dropped Rod off and went home.


I woke up for good around noon (my job was closed for President's Day), and I got something to eat at Milano's, a nice italian place right before the Bartlett/Stage intersection. I also watched Ghost Rider. It was okay, but it seemed to be two movies: The scenes between Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes were a little too silly, and the scenes with the villains were dark. I think that they should have chosen a darker tone for the whole film. The final battle was kinda weak, too. After that, I went to Jordan's and chilled out until time for...you guessed it, karaoke! I sang "The Corner" by Common (one of my favorite rappers), but I kinda got off beat. I also sang Anthony Hamilton's "Coming From Where I'm From", but I was a little pitchy. After that, I headed home.

I want to take this moment to give a shout out to Oddly Buoyant Productions, whose film Eat was shown at the Magnolia Film Festival over the weekend. Another shout out goes to John Pickle and Paradox Productions for having The Importance of Being Russell shown at the Magnolia Film Festival as well. These are two great films that happen to have small roless by me, King Indie. I feel that I am the heart and soul of independent film in the Memphis area, and I consider it my duty to improve cinema as a whole, one role at a time. Be easy, readers.


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