Monday, August 20, 2007

Filming, Church, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, ran some errands, and I saw Superbad. It dragged a little bit at the end, but it was cool. Definitely not for the little kids.


I got off work, and I basically wrapped my role in What I Love About Concrete (working title). I will miss portraying the bumbling Health/Phys. Ed teacher Coach Kumquat. They had me doing all kinds of crazy random gestures. They may need me again in December, but I'm pretty much done for now. Thank you to Katherine and Alanna for casting me in that film.

After that, I ran some errands, then I went to my friend Wanda's birthday gathering. It started at Laser Quest. I declined to play (because I'm horrible at it). Afterwards, we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a salad. I have to lose weight fast because I may play a bouncer in Darius Wallace's film, 100 Lives. I am doing my crunches, drinking pretty much nothing but water, and cutting out the sweets. Shout out to Wanda and our friends: Paul Briggs, Denna Greer (What Goes Around), Shomari Gant, Terra Hollis, and my buddy Bryan Newcomb. I hadn't talked to him in a while, so it was good to see him. He gave me belated birthday present, a book about writing for stage and screen because he feels that "my ass needs to start writing". I agree.
After that, I headed home.


I went to church for, like, the first time this year. That's right, Mom, I went to church!! I was invited by a student at my job, Terricka Ezell. She attends the Cordova branch of Golden Gate Baptist. I enjoyed myself. I will probably attend again. Afterwards, I went to the movies and saw The Last Legion. In this story, the mystical sword Excalibur began as Julius Caesar's sword and it was passed down from Caesar to Casesar. A boy named Romulus becomes Caesar, and the kingdom is attacked. His teacher and the survivors of his army have to rescue him and defeat the opposing army. There is an actress of Middle Eastern descent in the movie, Aishwarya Rai. She is beautiful. She also kicks butt in the movie. Cute chicks with swords are cool. It was a cool action movie, no great plot. The fight scenes were good!!
After that, I pretty much chilled out for the rest of the day. No acting and no wrestling pay-per-views=Lazy Sunday.

Tomorrow, I am acting in some spots for the WMC-TV website. This is my first commercial work. It is nonpaying, but I am hoping that it leads to bigger and better things. It is a process, people. Be easy, readers!!!


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