Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Commercial

I shot my first commercial ever today for WMC-TV 5. It was shot in their actual offices while people were working. Being a vet of the indie film game, I'm used to shooting while people are moving around. I've shot in restaurants, Target (we weren't supposed to), and places like that.

Jenny Smith, the promotions producer, shot the commercials with assistance from other people on staff. We were standing around a water cooler talking at the office. In the first spot, me and some other guys were planning a golf game, and we check wmctv.com for the five-day forecast. In the second spot, I am with men and women in the office and we are eager to hear a statement from a political figure. We decide to check wmctv.com for streaming video. It was fun. Shout out to Carl Walters, another actor in this town. He sent me a friend invite on Myspace. You can never have too many contacts. Shout out to the other females that we worked with. We had crazy conversations about Lifetime, R. Kelly, the 80s, and cartoon shows. It was fun. I didn't get paid, but I networked. Hopefully, somebody will like what they see. Thanks to Jenny for choosing me. I hope my friends and family like it. Be easy, readers!!


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