Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Performances, Barbecue, and Family: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, and I saw Death Sentence. It was okay. Not Kevin Bacon's best work, but it was okay. Aisha Tyler (Ghost Whisperer, Talk Soup!) was in the film as well. She's hot.


I got off work, ran some errands, and I went to Jordan's for karaoke. I sang a few songs, hung out, it was cool.


I went over this guy named Jeff's house and watched a lot of cool independent wrestling. I was very pleased. He has a lot of independent wrestling, anime, comics, and other stuff. It's like a geek's paradise.

After that, I went downtown to check out the Memphis Music Heritage Festival. Thomas Spurlock (www.myspace.com/spurlockboy) performed on the stage inside the Center for Southern Folklore. He performed a few covers and some original tunes from his CD. Shout out to Thomas and the backup singers. The band (led by my good buddy Paul "P-Dub" West) were good as well.

After that, I hung out downtown for a minute, then I watched a performance by Will Graves and Soul featuring Tonya Dyson. Tonya lost her mother on Friday, so many of us thought that she might not perform. She showed up and did a fantastic job. My thoughts and prayer are with the Dyson family.

After that, I went to Karaoke Smackdown at the Vault on Highland. I hung out with Sean and the rest of the crew. I only did three songs all night becauses there were a lot of people, but I had fun.


My brother and I went over my uncle Ray's house for a family gathering. My mom was there, and several cousins. There were a lot of children and a lot of running around. It was okay. The only thing that bothered me were the older people watching Amos and Andy. That show just bothers me.

After my brother and I made it back home, I visited the new home of my good buddy Ennis Newman aka Fathom 9, rapper/producer/sometime actor. I was talking with him and Infinito, a rapper/filmmaker/artist that I know. We talked about male-female drama and why it doesn't pay to be a "nice guy". Infinito's moving back to Chicago, soon. He's a great artist and he will be missed. He was always encouraging.

After that, I went over Keenon Nikita's house (director, Just the Two of Us). I chitchatted with him for a minute about my career, movies in general, and his next project. I feel really good about this next project. It will be fun to work with Rod and Keenon again.

Well, people are starting to see the commercials on Channel 5. I guess this means I am a "celebrity"....nah, not really. I am grateful for the commercial (my first!), but I know that one commercial does not a career make. I will continue to work and hone my craft. Maybe one day I can make a living off of this crazy dream. Be easy, readers!!!


At 7:38 PM, Blogger J Postal said...

May name is Jonathan Postal.
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Dwain recomended talking to you about the project. I can trade your work for head shots.
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If you want to give me a call and talk about this my number is 871-1998.
Call anytime this is rolling faster than I thought it would.


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