Monday, October 29, 2007

Robberies, Parties, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


My good buddy Paul Briggs called me at work and said that he had tickets to the Memphis Grizzlies' exhibition game. While at the game, we ran into T.J. Love aka Royal T, the nephew of DeAara Lewis, who directed Tricks. He was there with DeAara's younger brother, Guido. Guido composed "Chester's Lap Dance", my the unofficial theme for my character Chester in the movie Tricks. We chilled out, watched the game, and talked sports and music until halftime. We all moved down closer. The Grizzlies lost, 140-113, but it was an exhibition.

After the game, we went back to Paul's van to find that it had been broken into. Some crackhead broke out the window on the sliding door of his van. They stole some candy that he had bought for his girlfriend, some gift cards, jumper cables, and other items. Paul called the police, but he also flagged down a cop patrolling the area. The officer explained that the area where we parked is a haven for crackheads. They break into cars and try to sell the stuff to get more drugs from a nearby crackhouse. We were at the corner of Vance and some other street. Anyway, we will park in garages from now on. We made it to Walgreens and I bought some packing tape. We made it to Paul's apartment and used the tape and a plastic bag to cover the window. I also wound up helping this other guy who was having car trouble. He had a woman trying to push his car to help it start. Part of me wanted to stay out of it, but I wasn't raised that way. I started pushing the car, and the girl got in the passenger seat. My weight and pushing helped the car to start, and they sped off. Then, I left Paul's apartment, got some Taco Bell, and called it a night.


I went to the bank, then stood outside Spin Street to get a pass to an advance screening of American Gangster. It was close, I think I was the 60th person in line or something. Luckily, they had enough. Most of the people after me, however, not so lucky. I will be watching that film on Tuesday.

After that, I went to the library, then I took a nap and got up and went to Arnold Edward' Halloween party. It was cool, the conversations were cool, but eventually they started talking about things I could not relate to. Evidently, young girls like these effeminate male Asian rock stars. They look like girls, but they're men!! I don't get it, because I don't like masculine women. However, that's cool right now. They also started talking about music I didn't know. I mainly listen to and purchase underground hip-hop. This is hip-hop done by people who actually have something to talk about. I knew a few of the groups, but not many. When I could no longer contribute to the conversation, it was close to 1 AM, so I left. It was a cool party, though. Arnold Edwards is a cool guy, and a dope director. His girlfriend Dayna rocks also. She's from the country (Fayette County) like me.


I left the house around 4:40 and saw Darjeeling Limited. It was a very quirky film directed by Wes Anderson. In the film, three brothers (Owen Wilson, Jason Schwatzman, and Adrien Brody) take a train ride through India to reconnect. They have not spoken since their father's funeral a year ago. They have crazy hijinks and adventures. It was odd, but it was okay.
Afterwards, I went to my friend Shomari's mom's house and watched a WWE pay-per-view, Cyber Sunday. It was cool. I got into a debate with the women about watching I love New York. I find it to be demeaning and it shows African-American people at their most ignorant. The women countered back with Uncut, the late-night risque video show that used to air on BET. I finally conceded that they have a point, but I stopped watching it before it went off the air. I am just trying to eliminate ignorance in the things I watch and listen to. Of course, nobody cares. I should have kept my mouth shut. African-Americans will keep watching that ignorance, and our children will get dumber and have no values and morals. I am not solely placing the blame on I Love New York, but that type of foolishness and cooning is detrimental to African-Americans as a whole. I think I hear Martin Luther King turning over in his grave again. Be easy, readers.


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