Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pre-Indie Memphis Bash

Last night, we had a little pre-Indie Memphis Bash at Otherlands on Cooper. It was cool. Several filmmakers showed trailers of their films. I am in three shorts and two features, and only features were being shown. I am an extra in Team Picture, but I didn't make the trailer. I have a small part in Tricks, but they showed the trailer without me. Both are excellent films. I was glad that DeAara Lewis and Rod Pitt, the director and cinematographer of Tricks (and my friends), were there. They got applause, and people really dug the trailer. It was also good to see Natalie and Chris Boyatt. Natalie's expecting!! I hope they have a healthy child and a good turnout for their film Unhinged. Jon "Sparky" Sparks showed up, too. He is acting in four films and he directed two. He asked me does that mean he has more films than me. Of course I said no...acting and directing are two different categories. I ran into John Beifuss, movie critic for the Commercial Appeal. He saw my small part in Rod's short Survivor. I was glad that he noticed. Everybody was giving me crap for being in ONLY five films. Hey, it was a slow year!!! I don't write and direct films...yet. I can only do so much, people!! I will try to make it a point to talk to the directors I have not worked with. Most of my films are being shown between Saturday and Monday. I will try to see some films, but I did not take off this year. I have to work. At least I am back on first shift. We will see how I am feeling when I get off at 6 PM.

I will post my films and screen times in the coming week. If you know me or if you love film, please support the Indie Memphis Film Fest. Be easy, readers!!!


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